My {furry} babies.

I know you all know how obsessed I am with my babies. And I am A okay with it. Xander is almost six and it hit Kor and I that if six years with our amazing dog goes so quickly, imagine how quickly it'll go with our human babies. We really lucked out getting three pretty perfect furry babies. I enjoy bragging about them. So I will.

Goofy Faced Kings.

Naps with Dad.

They love little Rory.

The most beautiful girl. 

This happens everyday when Dad comes home.

Naps with Mom and Amelia. 
She puts up with her crazy parents. 

He really hates the rain. This is him protesting going potty.

Most people don't want their dogs to bark or howl. But at the Hubbell home we can't get enough. Honestly, Xander makes me feel so safe when I am home alone. You don't ever come to our house without hearing a loud bark. The truth is he is totally harmless, but creepy people don't know that.