is the grade I give myself on husband picking. Today is our 1st/4th Anniversary thanks to leap year. I love my husband so much. Our marriage is like a fine wine, it has gotten better with time. I could not be more happy. Thanks for being exactly you, Kor. You work so hard for our family and give me unconditional love. You are going to be such an amazing father to Amelia, and we are so lucky to have you. And it has to be said, you are one sexy hunk!

We went on a little vacation to Portland this past weekend. It was a ton of fun.

Beautiful Chinese garden. 

I love having my girl with me at all times. 

AMAZING Mexican food at Santeria. 

Science Museum. Submarine tour. 


The proper way to see a movie. We saw The secret of Arrietty. SO GOOD.

Frozen yogurt!

Boba Balls, I love you. 

Love notes :)



My lovely sisters and Mom threw me the most beautiful baby shower. They all worked so hard, and I could not appreciate them more. They sure spoil their baby sister. I didn't take a ton of photos of the guests, but I am beyond thankful to everyone who came to celebrate with me. I love my family and friends so much. 

Such tasty food. 

Some pretty cute guests. 

Kelli, you are the best. 

Everyone loves Uncle Richie!

My little Cohen turned five. I can't hardly believe how old he is getting. Apart of me wants him to stop growing up, but it is so fun watching him grow up. I am so torn. But I love this kid more than anything. His Momma sure spoils him. He had a whole theater all to himself and his cute little friends where they watched cars 2. Then we ate delicious food and opened presents.


Every 5 year old needs two cakes.  

Cohen's dinosaur face. 

Auntie loves you little man.  
Brought home Betos for my Kory. 

A shout out to my amazing friend Chelsea who traveled with me and held my hair for me while I puked into a doggy bag. I am so lucky you were there with me. Love you girl.


Kor gets his wings!

Last year I got Kor a groupon for his bday for a flying lesson. He finally got around to using it this weekend. I am seriously afraid of small planes, so I said about a million prayers the day before and day of. But all went well, and he really had a blast. Now he is talking about wanting to get a pilots license. What have I done? But I really am so happy he had such a great time. He got to assist in the take off of the plane, steer the plane, learn some maneuvers and got to fly all around beautiful Seattle. I was so proud and happy for him. I sure love my Kor.



As I was shuffling through all the dreaded coupons (that go straight to my recycling bin) and bills I came across this letter that put the biggest smile on my face.

I seriously could not love Cohen more than I do. I am so excited I get to see him in a week and celebrate his birthday! Even though I live far away, I have never missed his birthday.


T-Minus 10 Weeks.

Fun Fact about "T-Minus": a countdown sequence of counting backward to indicate the seconds, days, or other time units remaining before an event occurs or a deadline expires. Typical events for which a countdown is used include the launch of a rocket or spacecraft, the detonation of a bomb, the start of a race, and the start of the New Year OR THE BIRTH OF OUR BABY GIRL! True Story.