Twenty-Five feels old. I know it's not, but it is a pretty big birthday! I am no longer in my early twenties. Scary! I was so spoiled for my birthday. I had a week long celebration. My girlfriends took me to dinner and we talked and laughed the night away. The next day Kory took me to a trampoline place (he knows me well) and we bounced around like Mexican jumping beans for two hours. I was so sore the next day, but I had a blast. We ate yummy Indian food and then he bought me the iPad2! On my actual birthday my talented friend Shellee died the tips of my hair pink and blue and after that my soul-sister, Chelsea, and I got pedicures! Then I met up with Kor and we went to his company party after eating our hearts out there we went and ate even more with our awesome friends Lauren and Jeff at my favorite frozen yogurt place, Shnoo. It doesn't stop there folks. Today my Dad and the little kids made me dinner and the yummiest cake ever! We had a fun little family party. I was showered with love and gifts! Thank you all my dear, sweet friends and family.

Some of the ladies at Spaghetti factory!

Sky-High sports!


Hair Did!

Kor's Work. 

The youngers and Tallulah with their creation!


We have lived here in Washington about ten months now. I can't decide if it's gone by fast or slow. Depends on the day I guess. But slowly I am realizing we are here for the long run. Maybe. We'll see. After getting pulled over a few times for my barely expired Utah plates, which apparently are cop magnets, and a $124 ticket I gave in and got Washington plates. It really was a sad moment for me. I really am in love with Utah and as you can see Washington has such bleak licence plates. Lame. But seriously, I do love living here. I do have my weak moments of missing my family (I am lucky to have my Dad here) back in Utah. My sisters are my very best friends. But I would never,ever trade meeting the wonderful people I have meet here in WASHINGTON!


DIY Flower Puffs.

I am in charge of crafts for a week long girls camp this summer for my church. This is one of them. I decided to make it before camp started. I love how they turned out. Thanks Lauren for crafting with me. You're the best. This is a fun craft to do with a good movie or TV show to watch. Might I suggest Friday Night Lights. My favorite.

Styrofoam ball. (3in)

Flower die-cut. Pins. A few sheets of paper. One color save's time, but we did about four different patterns of paper.   

Overlapped two cut outs. Pin in the middle. Repeat. 

Tried the white pins. We liked the silver pins better though. 

Finished Products!


July tastes so sweet.

My big sister Dianne and her boyfriend Bryce came to visit us! They also brought along my three youngest siblings to stay for the summer. We did some major site seeing and boy am I beat. It was a ton of fun though. I love my siblings. All of them. I will be watching the three youngers while my Dad is at work and add a cute three month old to the mix and you get a me, a single mother of four. This could get interesting... 

Savannah, Stacie and Todd. Apparently Todd cut Stacie's and his own hair ( in their mothers care) I already hid all the scissors. 

Little Stacie on the Ferry. 

Deception Pass.

Di and Bryce. Gasworks park.


Sister's minus Kirsten. We missed you!

The girls' and Dad.

Columbia Tower. 

 Leche groomed Bryce on several occasions. What a lucky guy :)



The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. I was very sad to miss the parade in Provo with my family. But we are so blessed to have such amazing friends here in Washington who are so good to us. Yesterday, we went to the BEST firework show ever at the Emerald Downs with our awesome friends Jeff and Lauren and their adorable baby Rory. Then today our friends, the Singley's, had us over to their home for some delicious food. We met up with a ton of our church buddies and watched the firework show right over Lake Washington. It was a pretty perfect day, I must say. Did I mention we are spoiled to have such awesome friends? 

Emerald Downs. Amazing fireworks!

Champion Sleeper, Rory!

Asher feeding Lila. 

Beautiful Flora.
Cute baby Violet. 


Jana, Shar, Summer and Meg!

Cuties Jane and Lily. 

Boyfriends Kory and Chris. 

Gray Gray!

Chels and Shar. 


Shar and Michelle!

Heller Boys. 
Shar and Janaea.
Shar and Lauren.