Better After.

Fact: I frequent the Goodwill almost daily. 
Fact: I am obsessed with crafting, DIY blogs. 

Combine the two and you get my latest little project. The blog Better After  is pretty amazing and totally inspired me on this one. I am thinking about submitting it. Not sure if I will though...

The table. $19.99. Spotted on Friday March 25th, 2011. I know what you're thinking..."Boy Sharon, that is an ugly piece of !@*!?"

Luckily it fit perfectly in my car. Here it is in my little home with my model girl, Leche. 
JoAnns was having a paper sale so I got ten sheets of this paper for $2.00. Meant to be? I mod podged the bottom side of the glass. This was my first time mod podging glass, and it was better than I thought.  

Got some paint at the local Lowes and painted said table (in my living room, stupid rain) and voilá. I was too excited to let it dry overnight before photographing it, so please don't mind the painting tarp under it. I can't wait to put all my junkmail,car keys, diet coke cans and dinner plates on this baby! 


I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad.

Lately I have felt incredibly crammed in our little home, like we are bursting at the seams. Kind of like a muffin-top, but in the house sort of way. I am not sure exactly why because we have a two bedroom home aka a spare room. But it is just full of stuff. Currently stuff is my worst enemy. The cause of my anxiety, and right now the bane of my existence. Okay, that a bit was dramatic, but I cannot wait until we have our own house that we can decorate, clean, mess-up, have friends over comfortably. Until then I will spend countless hours looking at photos of houses, rooms, and decor. These are a few of my future rooms.

Our home. I love brick, the older the better. 

I want a white kitchen.  And it will be easy to keep clean, since I don't cook. 

I love a good bathroom. If you live in Utah check out the bathroom at Pizzeria712 in Orem. I could live in their bathroom.
My craft room/lounge. 

Won't you be my neighbor? 


The Heller Hook-up.

So I got a new phone. I made the leap from the iphone to the Android. I am pleased with my decision. I got the Motorola Atrix. I will be honest, I miss some things about the iphone, but the Atrix is a lot faster and I think we can become best friends. Speaking of friends, my friend Steve has a pretty spectacular business everyone should check out, especially you filthy iphone/ipad loving people. He helped me spruce my ohsolamelooking phone. He is a grade A guy.  

Me likey. 

STATUS UPDATE: I HATED the phone and sent it back and got the Iphone4..... I will never stray again. 



Kory and I have the most odd nicknames for each other (and the dogs), and they are constantly changing. I think it's funny/interesting how they evolve. These are just a few.  The sad thing is, the dogs respond to every single one of their names. I am a bad mom. 

Xander- Beagle-Boyfriend-Chunka-Chubba-Little tiny baby-Obese-Piggy

Kingsley-Kings-Kingus-Genghis Khan-Nugget-Rabbit-Stupid Looking


Kory-Kor Kor-Koryp-Kupy-Kubby-Bubba-Korpis-Hubba

Leche is a  noob so her only nicknames are Che Che, Sissy girl and sister. The dogs know her by Sister, and will go find her when I ask, " Where's your sister?"

Kor recently started calling me shaburbadeep and emailed me this drawing today. He is swell. 



So we knew we were well past due for a ladies night, but we weren't sure what we wanted to do. We toyed with the idea of a movie and dinner, or a local concert but Summer being the awesome gal that she is stumbled upon I(heart)shiva night at the Baltic Room. It's a great little bar/club in downtown Seattle. We were sold. What is better than free henna, Bollywood inspired music and dancing? We really had a blast. I seriously love these ladies.

Thanks incredibly creepy, Canadian man who took this. 





We got married on leap year in 2008, so we technically haven't had a real anniversary. We kind of like it that way, this way we just have a good excuse to celebrate the whole weekend! Kory planned a surprise weekend trip to Port Townsend. It was such a dreamy, little town. The kind of town you don't see a McDonalds or any other chain store of any sort. It didn't rain while we were there, but it was incredibly windy. We ate out every meal, lounged around, took walks on the beach, and collected rocks. Kor planned to take the scenic route and drove through Deception Pass. It really was breathtakingly beautiful and I am so glad we saw it. We had such a great weekend, and I owe it all to my leading man, Kor. I love you Bubba. 

Deception Pass. 

The view from our room!

So many awesome rocks!

Fort Worden.

Kinzie Battery.

The view from a restaurant we had brunch at.