Dianne visits Seattle!

Kory's girlfriend :)

Random statue man inside the market. 

We are champs.

In front of the market. 

Gum Wall!

Some Dbag parked over the line, but it was the only spot left so we had to squeeze in. Kor couldn't get out the door so he had to go through the trunk.

This thing was made out of 40k dog tags  Seattle Art Museum.

The Pacific Science Center has a room full of brain buster, riddles, puzzles. Kory is so smart and figured out this puzzle that stumped both Dianne and myself. Victory kiss. 

On the sea front in Seattle. Had to get some peppermint cocoa :)

I miss you already Di. Thanks so much for coming. Love you. 



Kor and Chris talked about making the turkey weeks before Thanksgiving.  They delivered!

Chris and Summer. 

Dianne! She flew in that morning. So glad she came. 

Basting the turkey like a champ.

Funeral Potatoes!

Summer is a young Martha Stewart.

So proud. 


Kor carving his turkey.
Desserts pre- three year old Kai's fingers :)

After.. We all laughed. Kai is the cutest. 

Food Coma.

RIP Chris. 

Thanksgiving was amazing. Thank you so much Dianne for flying out here, Alison for securing a buddy pass for her. Welch family for your amazing friendship and hosting skills. My sweet husband Kory for his love and  hard work. My sister Kirsten for always keeping me on her mind. And for Skype. I loved seeing my family from afar.But most of all for the Gospel and Atonement. 

Life is bueno. 


The most festive thing we've probably ever done...

We are not huge fans of Christmas. It's so materialized and stressful. We knew we weren't going to waste our time getting a tree because we are going to Utah for Christmas, plus it's such a hassle. But I had a flash of inspiration while at our favorite thrift store today and said to Kory, "I have an idea, I am being serious so don't laugh." Then I tried to explain my vision of a lampshade Christmas tree. To my surprise Kor was totally down for my project and even picked out the lamp shades. They were about a dollar each! Score. We handmade the satin flowers, that's right WE. What a sport Kory is. I love you baby. Oh, did I mention we had yet another snow day?!

Before the madness.

We love our little, lampshade tree. It suits us. 


Snow Day!

Here is what a snow day looks like in Seattle:

Yup. That's it. But it was enough for work to be cancelled for both of us! So to celebrate here is what we are doing:

Best holiday movie ever!

Sweats and warm socks, a must. 

Eggnog in your favorite mug!

The dogs are so glad their Daddy is home. Here they are begging daddy to get off his laptop and give them some love :)

Stay warm my friends


Sick Joke.

If you know me, you know I  love  Texas Roadhouse. I know, I know, "But Sharon, you're a vegetarian. How could you love a steak house?" In which I reply, hello, have you heard of appetizers? TRH has the best appetizers. I usually get the caesar salad, which is the best around- I would know I eat a lot of salads. I also always get the loaded mashed potatoes which are so fatty and so delicious (minus the bacon). But the best part of TRH are their warm. soft, always perfect sweet rolls with their cinnamon-butter spread. They are to die for. The first day we moved here I looked online to see where the nearest TRH was... and where was it... IDAHO. FML. I am so disappointed in this state. 

Somehow this topic was brought up in church and a lady told me, and I quote, " We have something even better than that here, it's called Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse." I was so happy and Kor and I decided to go last night. When we walked in it looked pretty close to TRH; peanuts on the ground, loud crappy music playing, employees with black shirts tucked into way too tight of jeans. so far so good. We were seated and they brought the rolls to our table. I should have known it was going to be a disaster when I went to spread the butter on the roll and it was hard. Hard butter is the worst. It all fell apart from there. The rolls were gross. No mashed potatoes. Caesar salad tasted fishy. It was a let down. Never again. 


In closing, I leave you with happy memories from TRH


Kor + Halo = Love.

I do not like video games... Kor loves them. So we have had to meet in the middle on this one. But it hasn't been too hard since we are both pretty busy. Kory and his man friends (Yes McKay, I am acknowledging you as a man) decided to play Halo on Thursday nights. So when Thursday does roll around Kor magically becomes husband of the year :)

Example 1: I pick him up from work and he is especially chipper. Even suggests going grocery shopping while I go home and shower. Of course I am thrilled, though it was a premature thrill, because when he got home from the store he purchased FOUR boxes of cereal for me (I am obsessed with cereal) along with two gallons of ice cream. Apparently they were on sale. 

Example 2: I was in bed watching television and Kor comes in with the carton of ice cream and a spoon AND tells me he will put it back in the freezer when I am done. How lazy am I?

Example 3: Sharon, " Don't you think I deserve to buy a new cardigan from Forever 21 tomorrow?"   Kory, " Yes!" 

Maybe Halo Night isn't so bad after all.
  Now if you'll excuse me I am going to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of gun shot blasts.



I met Janet when I was 18 years old while working at Lindon Care and Training Center. I worked there over three years and  fell in love with her. She is the sweetest lady in the world. She would never say anything mean about anyone... UNLESS you were mean to her first :) I was devastated when Janet's family moved her from  LCTC to Washington. I stayed in contact with Janet over the phone. We moved to Washington and it took me two months to realize that Janet lived here too. Washington is a large state but I just had to see if she by chance she lived close to us. I called her up and sure enough she lives about 30 miles away. This past Saturday Kor and I went and picked her up and took her to eat. She was dead set on eating at either Chuck-E-Cheese or RoundTable. Apparently she had seen commercials on TV and "has never even eaten at those places really aslo at all" It was so fun to be with her again. Personality wise, she has not changed a bit. But boy has she lost a ton of weight. She looks great!
And yes, she had REGULAR soda.. Not diet soda.


Vacuuming is sexy.

Seriously. I love to vacuum. A lot. So not having a vacuum since we've moved here has sucked. Not the good kind of suck, like you'd get from a vacuum. So all day today I have been anxiously waiting for Kory to get home so we can go buy a new vacuum!  As much as I would like to get a nice, expensive vacuum... we just cannot afford it. Drab. But I just hope that the day we can, they will come out with an even better vacuum. Until now I will continue to dream and google sexy pictures of vacuums like the one below :)

Dream Vacuum $600

Newest addition to our home... $100


Peanut Butter!

We eat A LOT of PB&J's around here. Kingsley looooooves peanut butter, as most dogs do, unless your name is Xander. He can't be bothered by the sticky stuff. He has much classier taste in food.


I will cut you!

Kor let me cut his hair. Can you tell?

Actually, he wanted the mo-hawk. He looks pretty rough and tough.. but we all know he is a big teddy bear.  Buying clippers was a good decision, we've saved some money not going to get hair-cuts.