I'm flattered Kate Middleton.

I turned the TV on this morning and of course every channel was talking about the royal wedding. So I watched for a little bit. I must say Mrs. Kate's dress was very beautiful and kind of reminded me of my wedding dress, minus the long sleeves. Which I love by the way. She looked really pretty. It makes me want to try my dress on and ride around on a carriage. 



I seriously would not change one thing about my dress, or wedding day for that matter. It was perfect. 


Refashionista: Last Minute Cards.

So yesterday I received a call from our ward Missionaries. They wanted to stop by and introduce the new Elder. I will be honest that I panicked a little because I knew I probably should have a little something planned as an FHE activity, but didn't. So I went into my craft corner and found some of my old bridal shower invites (which were seriously so cute, thanks sissys) and decided we would write Mothers Day cards! It was a lot of fun! We are so lucky to have two really awesome Elders!

Blogger hates me and won't let me enlarge, or rotate this one photo. But here is the original invite.

Hot glued some paper on.

Tied a little bow to make it ohsocute.

I knew holding onto, packing, moving across country with the old invites would come in handy. I wonder what I will use my hundreds of extra wedding invites for...



So I have a really hard time throwing things away that I think could be used for ANYTHING else. This is especially true with clothing of any sort. Old jeans can become new shorts. Old skirts/dresses into a purse. You picking up what I'm putting down? The other day I went to Nordstroms with my Aunt and I found a cute headband. The problem is I am cursed with being horribly cheap and I could not bring myself to pay $8 for the tiny piece of cloth. Instead I found a pair of some old unmentionables (For my church friends, old as in 2008) and sewed them into a cute, new headband! Would you look at that?!

I made Kor try it on and Kai Kai really wanted to be in the picture!
I joined  Refashion Nation  (Thanks Ashley) and you are supposed to upcycle at least three things a month, which I pretty much do on a daily basis. I think everyone should try it out, you might even love it. 

Waste not!



We had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! We drove out to Grayland which is right on the coast of Washington. The weather was seriously dreamy. Not a drop a rain the entire time. The highlight was going clamming. We caught probably about 45 clams combined. The boys cleaned them, and Summer made some yummy chowder which everyone said was amazing. I do not eat fish, so I did not partake. Hopefully this will be the first of many camping trips this year!



At the park today I met Hannah:

Needless to say, I fell in love. As all of you know my animals are my babies and I was ready to be her mommy. But apparently she is not available for adoption because she is being used as a cute face at a money making event where she will be up for adoption exclusively by an attendee. So basically, the Humane Society is Hanna's pimp. Poor girl. I am so livid about this that I even wrote the National Humane Society. I am sure nothing will come from it, but I am still not surrendering. Here is the letter:

Hi my name is Sharon Orcutt. I live in Renton, Washington with my husband. We are huge animal lovers and currently have two dogs and a cat. I have had our dogs since they were eight weeks old ( they are both four now) and we recently added our beautiful cat to our family three months ago. We adopted this cat from the Seattle Humane Society. I was at the park with my two dogs enjoying the warm weather and met a woman there with a Puggle. We spoke for a long time while the dogs all played and I found out the Puggle, Hannah, was currently being fostered by this woman. We spoke for over an hour and I just fell in love with Hannah and know she is a perfect fit for us. She played so well with my dogs and currently lives with three cats and loves them. She is a perfect size for us and we are excited to add to our little family. We have a beagle and we just love him to pieces and Hannah has so many beagle qualities we just love. I called the Seattle Humane society about adopting Hannah and was on my way there to fill out the necessary paperwork when the girl told me Hannah was NOT available. I checked on their site and she was not posted for adoption so I called them back. I was transferred several times and ended speaking to the women in charge of cat adoptions. I remember the foster mom telling me Hannah was being used for an event the Seattle Humane Society puts on annually, but I thought surely this would not prevent little Hannah from being adopted into our loving home today! But I was wrong. After an hour of being told I could not in fact adopt her because she was needed pretty much as a "cute face" for their event and I could try and adopt her at the event in a few weeks. This seems completely opposite of the Humane Society I know to have the animals BEST interests in mind, and not to capitalize on the cuteness of a puppy. We want to give Hannah a permanent, loving home she deserves. I am willing to do what it takes so we can have Hannah be apart of our family. I hope you are someone who can help me, or can point me in the direction of someone who can.

Thank you for your help.

Sharon Orcutt.


Freegan awesome.

A while ago Summer and I were talking about dumpster diving. My first time ever was in elementary school with my friend Jennifer Clark. We paroozed the dumpsters after school was out for summer break and found a lot of cool stuff. I haven't done it for a long time, but it always enters my mind. Luckily I found Summer who seriously is my soul sister. Who else would suggest dumpster diving? We did a little bit of research and were off. We tried Trader Joe's first but had zero luck. We drove around a mall and everything was locked up. Then Summer suggest QFC (Quality Food Center comparable to Harmons for you Utah folk) It is in a strip mall so we parked my car off to the side and surveyed the dumpsters. We came across one that said , " STOP!!! Food waste only" Ding ding ding. It looked like a big, fresh, colorful salad. There were even large ice chunks intermingled in the "salad", so we knew it was fresh. Summer jumped in and we filled up our bags in about three minutes. I'd say for rookies we did very well. 


The Salad.

My hero. 

The goods. 


Go here to learn more about Freegans. 


Girl Power?

 Here is a scenario: You are waiting in line to return something you're not sure the store will take back. There are two staff working, a male and a female. Do you secretly wish you get the male to help you because you know he will give you less grief about returning said item? I know I do. Am I alone on this? I feel like women are a lot more rude to other women. I know this doesn't pertain to all women, but I have had a lot of experiences like the one I am about to share.

Today I went to the Goodwill ( shocker, I know..) I found a cute pair of jeans and decided to try them on.  In the dressing room, after I already fell in love with them and how they made my ohsolargebooty look luscious (totally joking) and I reached down to see how much they were. I could not find a price tag anywhere on them. And NO, this is not one of those times I found something I really wanted but didn't feel it was... "properly priced" and took the tag of myself to see how much the cashier would say it cost... GUILTY! This time the girl before me did that I guess. I was standing in the check out line. Cashier #1- An older, Asian lady. Cashier #2- A Hispanic man in his early thirties. The line was pretty long, and I was really hoping it would work out that Cashier #2 was going to be the one to help me, but when my turn came it was Cashier #1. I greeted her kindly and asked how her day was going. She ignored me. I told her that I could not find the tag and without even looking at me said $12.99. I then politely told her I was no longer interested and would go put them back on the rack. Which really is what I was going to do but curiosity got the best of me and sneakily hopped back into Cashier #2's line. I greeted him the same way as I did Cashier#1, he was a lot friendlier. He examined the jeans and decided on the price of $3.99. SCORE!

Meet my new jeans. 

Have any of you had similar experiences? Or do you totally disagree with me? Both are acceptable.


Homeward Bound. The incredible journey.

So at the end of May I am going to California to visit this girl

And this boy 

Then we are driving to Utah and I get to see these ladies

And give endless kisses to these boys

And hopefully do this a few times

And the whole time I will miss doing this with this boy

So pretty much in two weeks I will be in