My trip to Utah so far...

I haven't even been gone that long, but it feels so good to be back home. It's a lot of fun being the visitor :) It's like you're a novelty and everyone wants to see you and feed you. It.is.awesome. I have done so much already, and I am here until Sunday. I know the weekend will be jam-packed-full-of-fun-OMG it will need its' own post. So here are some photos.

Cohen. I happy cried when I saw him at the airport. I love this kid to pieces.
I cannot kiss this baby enough. He is the sweetest baby I have ever met. What a chunk.

My sis-in-law Lauren, Cohen and I mod-podged some letters. They all turned out so cute.

Apparently it costs a ton in tax to ship things to Washington (lame) so I had my laptop shipped to Utah and waited so patiently to have it! It is TINY and I love it. thank you woot.com.

Cohen really, really, really, wanted to make colored popcorn. So we did. It wasn't as yummy as I would have liked but it was a ton of fun to make.

He really wanted green popcorn!

Blurry picture (Andrew :P) of some of my siblings at Whitnee's wedding.

My baby, sister Stacie asleep. How cute is she?

We have gone to DI several times to find things for our awesome costumes. Unfortunately I could not convince Stef to buy this one. But she sure looks cute. 

I LOVE SNOW! So I am glad it snowed. I cannot wait to come home for Christmas and go snowboarding.


We love visitors!

October 14-17, 2010 
Kory's mom and her husband Brian came to visit us. We had so much fun! I can't believe how much we did while they were here. Here are the highlights. 

The aquarium. It is the best aquarium I have ever been to. They had so many cool fish that I have never seen. They let you touch a ton of fish too, which was awesome.  They also had otters, penguins, sea lions.
Brian, Laila and Kory at aquarium.

My favorite fish of the day.

Awesome fountain in front of the aquarium.

Boat tour - This was a lot more fun than I anticipated. It made me like Seattle a little bit more :) It was absolutely breath-taking to see the skyline of the city. It was a beautiful day also, so that helps. It actually doesn't rain as much as people say. If it does rain, it's more of a mist. 

Lunch/Shopping- Brian and Kory were set on finding some good fish-n-chips and they found Ivars. Apparently it was delicious. I had subway, fish is the worst. We ate on the pier and fed the seagulls which was hilarious. Then we went shopping, which is always fun!

We bought a city pass and went to the Space Needle, Experience Music Project Museum, Pacific Science Center and the Zoo. They were all great places to go, but hands down the Science Center was the best! Not only did we see a sweet imax movie about bugs, we spent hours there and I feel like I could still go back and spend just as much time seeing new things. We had a blast here. 

This was a balance test that usually resulted in people landing on their face which Kory totally did.
This is a man. I promise.
At the science center they had an awesome room full of butterflies that landed on your head.

We had an eventful weekend. We saw a lot more of the city. Thanks Brian and Laila for the visit. 

Who is coming to visit us next?


Because my nephews are the cutest!

Please vote for them for the GAP casting call! It doesn't take long, so please do this :)
Many Thanks.


We were given a leather couch for our wedding and I have always wanted a match love seat. Well folks, I finally found it at the Goodwill.! It was only $35.

Our bathroom needed serious storage space. I found this for $3.00 plus the spray paint from Lowes a grand total of $6.00. Worth it.

The after.
My new favorite shoes. I also got them in red. each were $2.99.

Distance from my home to Goodwill = 0.7 miles
Distance from my home to St. Vincent de Paul = 0.8 miles
Both walking distances which mean I am there A LOT :)
These are just a few of the things I have found to make me smile.

Our first weekend!

September 25, 2010.
Kor planned an amazing, surprise weekend for me. We started off by kayaking. It was so much fun! We really got to see how lush and green it really is here. You actually can kayak right under the freeways. After Kayaking, we ate some yummy Mexican food. We then headed to the Ballard Locks.  Here we saw how boats get between the saltwater of the Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal. It's nothing that I have ever seen. There's also a salmon fish ladder which was also awesome. Then we got our favorite food.... Indian food! This was the first time we saw the space needle. It was such a fun weekend. Thank you baby.


Griptonite Games!

Kory is a concept artist at Griptonite Games.  His office is really cool and has a lot of yummy treats to eat. He has a great office mate and couldn't be happier with his job.



We did a lot of research on where we wanted to live and pretty much did the exact opposite unintentionally. I am not exactly sure how it happened, but I know we were meant to live here. It's not very luxurious but we made it work. It is actually the first place we looked out. At first the landlord wasn't sure if it was even available because someone had already put in and paid the application fee. We were totally bummed and let him know we were very interested and to call if anything changed. It was way less money we originally planned to pay for rent and it had a big, fenced yard. He called us back and said it was ours if we wanted it!  It's in Renton, Washington. It's about 20 minutes outside of Seattle and from Kory's work. We have a great ward and made some amazing friends 
We love you Welch family!

The house needs a lot of work, but it is coming along. We have way too much stuff, and I feel a bit cluttered but I am trying to get over it. This is where we will call home until we one day buy a home!

The Drive.

September 17, 2010.
The drive SUCKED! We had to drive separately which made it even worse. I had both the dogs in my car which also added some stress. Kingsley is the worst to drive with. Xander is a champ as you can tell from the above photo. We only stopped once to eat and had to eat behind the Taco Time dumpster so the dogs could roam a little bit. Super classy, I know. When we got to Seattle we were welcomed by a HUGE rain storm. I hydroplaned three times and was sure I was going to crash. Luckily since then, it hasn't rained that hard.

The fairwell.

September 16, 2010.  
My sisters and Stef planned a going away party for us. It was so nice of them and so great to be able to say bye too all of our loved ones. Luckily we got some photos before I bawled my eyes out. I blame Corie for being the first to say good-bye. After that I was a messy, messy, mess. 
 Cohen, I think I miss him the most.        
Stef and baby Max.
Kirsten and Andrew.
Kory and some of his BYU friends.
Corie Anne!

Mack, Kor and Davy. Besties.

Dianne. Frowns :(