Hubbells visit Utah Part I

Having a little too much fun Christmas shopping :)

Kor and his cute cousin Jess.

Kory's family has a tradition to sing "tip-top" and dance around. It's a Finnish thing. So much fun!

Shar and Jess.
Kor and I photo-bombing.

My adorable Grandma, Nona. She knitted the scarf for me. It is amazing.  

We finally got a new TV. Kor was in heaven. 

Stef and Shar.
Uncle Kory and Holden.
That's talent if I've ever seen it.
Just let it happen Stef.
The Youngers.

Kangaroo Zoo.

We are still here in Utah for a few more days. Secretly I don't want to leave. Ever. Maybe we will get snowed in!


Guest blogger = ME!

I was asked to be a guest on this fabulous blog called the shoeologist.  It is a wonderful blog all about shoes! So blog-hop on over there and check it out! 



Almost a hero.

Last night at about 1:00am I woke up to Kory  frantically yelling. He told me to look out the window. As I was doing this Kory was already out the door in his PJ's. I saw the driver from a car that just smashed into our neighbors cars running away. Kory was behind him and disappeared into the dark. I called 911 and ran outside where my neighbors were gathering and trying to figure out what was going on. As I was on the phone with 911 the car burst into flames. I thought it was going to blow up like in the movies, luckily it didn't. The police showed up and began questioning the passenger in the wrecked car and he was so drunk he could not even finish his sentences.  Kory came back very winded and told the police where he last saw the driver. He wasn't able to catch him. The car was going so fast that it cause three parked cars to crash into each other. It was a crazy night and I hope they catch the douche bag who fled the scene. 

Here are some photos, but it was dark and my ifail doesn't have flash. 

Poor Kor was almost a hero.


Easiest 5lbs I've ever lost.

I got my hair cut... finally. I usually go a year between hair cuts due to sheer laziness and iamsocheapness. This time I decided to get a cut and color. I went to a hair school so it only cost me $37 total. Score! And I actually really like it. I also thinned my hair! For those of you with thick,thick hair you know how great it feels. Please enjoy the 5lbs of hair I so kindly photographed for you. 

This is the darkest my hair has ever been. I think I look a lot like my mom with this color. This is also the shortest it's been in a loooong time. I miss my long hair already.


KASH make sweet,sweet ART!

As you all know Kory is an AMAZING artist. I, on the other hand, am NOT artistic AT ALL. Lately we have been trying to spend more quality time together so we decided to co-paint a picture. I started the painting and Kory worked his magical hands and made it truly beautiful. It was a lot of fun actually! 

For your viewing pleasure.


These crazies I live with...

Well, really only the Mr. is a bit looney at times. The poor pups just get roped into the whirlwind of crazy! 

Just wait until we have real kids... lucky little tikes. 


Sweeter than pie...

After a loooong day of work I was welcomed at the door with this...

Warm totinos pizza (the yummiest), Fresh bouquet of flowers and a big smooch from the most handsome man in the world. I am one lucky girl. Love you Kor Kor. 

** Note to self... Buy a vase!