Meet Matthew.

Our new car! We already love him so much. He is a Toyota Matrix. Kor's other car, Lance Bass, broke down around Christmas. We have been a one car family since then. Which wasn't so horrible because my awesome friends are awesome and picked me up a lot, you know to go get frozen yogurt and do other really important things. Kor really deserves this new car. He is seriously such a hard worker and has been driving around a crapmobile for long enough. We thought about getting an SUV, but this car has everything we wanted from an SUV, and is waaaaaay better with gas. We mostly wanted a place for our dogs to ride that didn't interfere with our lady baby. So here he is.... MATTHEW!

We took our first ride tonight. The dogs were less than thrilled about their new spot. They are pretty used to sitting up front with us. Hopefully I can stay strong and not cave into those sweet faces.


Baby Registry.

So I wasn't totally on board with the whole registering for my baby thing, but a lot of people have been asking if I was. I decided to just look into it. I think Babies R' Us is way over priced and target doesn't have a huge selection. Also, I have pretty amazing friends who have hooked me up with a lot of stuff. I feel pretty prepared and super blessed. I have more clothes than my Lady baby will ever be able to wear. But I know babies require other things. I read a lot of forums on babycenter and came across one entitled "registering on Amazon?" and read it. I guess it's the new hip thing to do, so I jumped right on board. Cause' I'm pretty hip. I am so glad I did. Even if I don't get one thing off the registry, it has been a lot of fun. I feel a little guilty because not everything on there is a need, more of a want. But I can't help but want to spoil my baby girl a little bit. And that's all I have to say about that.

If I left anything awesome out, let me know!



When Steph and I were in elementary school we spray painted her moms fence with "SBFFTS" (Stephanie.best.friends.forever.time.sharon) in blue spray paint. We also made some sort of symbol to go along with our new gang. We were pretty cool. Fast forward to today and life has taken us to different states and stages in our life. But I still love this girl as much as ever. She now has her on beautiful daughter and I am excited to see Steph as a Mommy and give endless love to little Hadley. See you in a week Effy-bear