Newest Addition to the Hubbell Family.

 They are so beautiful and I have been waiting a looooooong time for these babies to join our family. I love them so much already. I promise to take good care of them and love and nourish them for ever and ever. 



A few months ago my friends and I bought a Groupon for a Zumba class. I was very nervous because I had never done Zumba before, or anything like it. I am a soccer player, not a dancer. BUT it turns out I LOOOOVE Zumba. It is the highlight of my week. I really owe it all to my awesome instructor, Linda. She comes up with the best Zumba moves and equally awesome music. She always has a smile on her face and has such a sweet spirit. If you have never tried Zumba, I encourage you try something new!

Meg, Lauren, Linda, Jana, and Shar.