My poor, starving, neglected blog baby. If my blog was a nano pet, it would've been dead long ago. But I am back to tell you of a very exciting endeavor my friend Jana and I have started! If you know me, you know I am fashion obsessed when it come to my Amelia (when it comes to myself, I could barely pass for not homeless) You also know I am cheap as a bird.

I am addicted to instagram shopping. What?! You didn't even know you could shop on instagram.... you sweet, sweet, child. Just kidding :) But guess what? YOU CAN! And it's wonderful, effortless and fun! I mean you can browse,shop,barter,and trade all from the comfort from your couch. And then it's delivered to your door.

Now enter MillieMoo. I was seeing all these adorable, handmade leggings and it took everything not to justify buying them, but I just couldn't. Paying $30+ for leggings was just plain ridiculous. No matter how cute they were. So I came up with the concept of affordable, handmade, very cute children's leggings and started MillieMoo with my talented friend Jana. We have been open about two months and cannot believe how well it's going. So many friends,family and total strangers have really helped us take off. And we hope to keep going.

Please follow us on instagram: @Milliemooclothes or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/millieandmoo

The leggings in the flesh, and on my very own Millie Moo!

My sweet friend, Ofure, inspired me to blog and was kind enough to also blog about MillieMoo! Please give her some blog love and read her post! http://www.ofure.com/