Yesterday I went blueberry picking with my friends. It was actually a ton of fun. Jeff and Lauren took us to their secret spot. I cannot believe how many berries we got in only an hour. I also think I ate my weight in berries. They were so juicy and sweet. I can't wait to make smoothies and muffins with my fresh berries. 

Not exactly a path...

The kids had fun! Lily wanted to stay and pick more. 


Full House.

My Mom, Sister and Nephews came to visit me! I had a blast while they were here and sobbed like a baby when they left. My little Brother and Sisters also left with them, so it was twice as sad. I had such a fun summer with them and I never thought I would miss them as much as I do. Here a ton of photos from our fun-filled week!

Coulon Beach park. 


Sleepover at my house!

Gasworks Park. 

The Troll!

Todd's bday party at the splash park. 

Uncle Kory and Cohen play super smash brothers!

Newcastle Beach park.

Alki Beach.

Pikes Place Market. 

Gum wall. 

Pacific Science Center- Butterfly room. 

Our favorite- Shadow Wall.

Space Needle. 

Water Ball of Fury. 



Henry Island!

Our friends Jeff and Lauren invited us a while back to go to their Uncles cabin. In my mind I pictured just a cute, little wood cabin with no electricity. Boy was I dead wrong. This was probably the nicest place I've ever stayed and I saw so much wildlife, I was in heaven. We Crabbed, fished, ate, made smores, Kayaked, saw seals, otters, eagles, a fox, deer, orca's, and more! 

I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I saw the Camel. 

Of course we started off with Kory accidentally tipping the cart over. Luckily a watermelon was all the fell in and Lauren retrieved it!

"I don't know how that happened?!"

We had to take this boat to get to the island!!

Beautiful Momma and Rory!

Then we had to take these do get to the cabin. Go Laska!

View from our room.

Outdoor fireplace.

View from behind.

Our awesome room!


Outside our window. 

Silly Kai. 

Sometime we caught starfish. 


Love this little lady!

Inside the cutest little town Roche.

How you know it was a good weekend!
I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with awesome friends in paradise! THANKS JEFF & LAUREN