Easy DIY Pots / Vases.

So Chels and I decided we had a huge craft itch that just had to be scratched. It was super easy and fun! Here are some directions so you can make some for your home!

Step 1: Find an old vase/pot. We went to our local Goodwill and found some for 69 cents. 

Step 2: Find the color(s) you want! We used spray paint and acrylic paint for the finishing touches. We found that flat paint works and looks best.

Step 3: To get the embossed letter or words just grab your hot glue gun! Don't worry, hot glue is very forgiving once dried. Peel off it you don't like how it looks and try again. Make sure you get all the "glue fly-aways" off before you paint because you can see them through the paint. 

Chelsea just cannot get enough!
Step 4: Paint. Do at least two coats. This may be the final step for some if you like how it looks. For all you over-achievers (like us) go ahead and add some sass!!  

Step 5: To add sass we used sponge brushes and acrylic paint. 

Step 6: ENJOY! 

Shar's Vase.

Shar's pots.

Flower Power!

Chelsea's afters!!


Crossing the border.

A while back we bought a groupon for the ferry ride to Victoria. I am so glad we did because we had a lot of fun. Victoria is such a cute place, and everyone is seriously friendly. The city is totally influenced by aboriginal art, which if you know me, is right up my alley. This was Kory's very first time leaving good ol' America. So we took the 2.5 hour long ferry ride and had us an adventure! It was a relaxing trip. We didn't do anything too crazy. We walked around a lot and ate, shopped. If you live in Seattle I highly recommend buying today's groupon and taking a nice weekend trip to Victoria. I swear I am not getting paid by groupon.... but maybe they should :) 

About to board! 6:45am. 

The Clipper.


China Town!

Jazz Fest- Happy Hippies dancing!

Concert in the park - Canadian Money in eye. 

Hubbell Love. 

So much awesome Aboriginal influences. 

The Harbor. 

Petting Zoo!!!!

Roberta. Kor promised me a farm someday. 

Peacocks are seriously so beautiful. 

The Empress Hotel.  



Happy Fathers Day, Dad! It was a beautiful day to celebrate. We had a delicious feast. Kor made pulled pork which I did not partake in. But I did stuff my belly full of red mashed potaoes, spinach and strawberry salad and rolls. We ended with strawberry shortcake. I am glad my Dad lives so close. Love you Pa.


Refashionista: A Birthday

So my dear friend Summer is having a birthday AS WE SPEAK! I knew I wanted to get her something special, but was having a hard time finding it. So I decided to try and make her something myself. I am quite pleased how the shirts turned out. But I am NOT pleased in my lack of photographing the good stuff. I forgot to get an after photo of the blue shirt and I forgot to photograph the process of the white shirt. Sigh.

Summer has three beautiful kids from Africa. If you look closely you'll see a small heart over where exactly (or as exact as I could get on a cut out) they are from. 



My Weekend: Hipstamatic Edition



Bollywood Night in Seattle!

Anacortes is officially my new favorite place I've been to in Washington. I love old, small cities with a lot of rich culture and locally owned shops. Everyone is so friendly and any store we went into my dogs were given treats and attention. It was fun to spend time with my Pa and little brother before he leaves for China.
 Also, I am so lucky to have such wonderful, fun friends near me. We went to Bollywood night and I had an absolute blast. Another great weekend!