DIY Headband!

So a few weeks ago I had Amelia dressed for church but didn't have a cute headband that matched. Not acceptable ;). So I looked in my craft bag and somehow made something presentable in about ten minutes. So I decided to share. This is dedicated to all my lovely BBC friends.

The originator:

Amelia can last about ten minutes on her play mat. So I was able to make two!

What you'll need: Felt (20 cents at Michaels) scissors, hot glue gun, elastic ( 50 cents a yard) and embellishments. Today I am using pearls I got at hobby lobby for $1.99 a bag of a bunch.

Select the colors you would like to use and cut three circles each a bit smaller than the last.

Put a dot of glue on the largest and glue the next smallest onto it and then the smallest onto that one.

This is what it will look like when you're finished gluing. If yours doesn't GIVE UP NOW! JK.

I have chosen three silver pearls to embellish with. Apparently I like the number three.

Glue them into the center. I usually burn myself on this step, so be careful!

Measure elastic around your adorable babies head. You don't want it to be too tight. Duh.

Glue ends in the center. Make sure your elastic isn't twisted.

For comfort and because I am an awesome Mom, Glue a small piece of felt over the ends.

And VOILA! Cheap and Easy (the only time that sentence is appropriate) HEADBAND!

The other one I made.

And now Amelia needs a nap. Modeling is so tiring.