Amelia is ONE!

Our sweet Amelia turned one on April 21, 2013. The year went by way too fast, and I cannot believe all the growing and learning Amelia has done. I am terrible at blogging, so I won't even attempt to catch up. But I want to document as much as I can about my sweet one year old. She started to pull herself up and walk around on furniture at about 8 months old. She had shown little to no interest in walking. She did finally stand on her own for about ten seconds when we visited Seattle the beginning of March. But that was about it... until last night. We were all in our living room and she was playing on the couch with a book and then out of no where lets go of the couch and walks to Kory. We were in shock. And after many attempts we got it on camera. I thought maybe it was a one time thing but but this morning she has been walking around! She is certainly still wobbly, but we are so proud!


Amelia is a climbing machine! She can climb onto the couch, futon, rocking chair, high chair and she also learned how to properly get off then bed backwards instead of face first! She understands so many words, but doesn't show a ton of interest in talking yet. She does say Momma a lot though! If you ask her where any of our animals are she immediately can point to all three individually  She is a great eater and has only ever turned down tofu. I can't blame her. Her latest favorite thing is the show Yo Gabba Gabba. She loves when the puppets sing and dance and she often will try and mimic them.  She loves playing outside! We spend hours playing on our balcony that I have turned into a play area with a slide, water table and swing! She also loves pushing her little car all around our cul de sac. She often grabs a few books and will sit in your lap and listen to you read them. She is always eager to turn the pages. She still takes two naps during the day, and sleeps all night. Thank goodness she loves to sleep. She has a favorite blankie and a bear she holds while she sleeps. It's pretty precious. She has two bottom teeth, and just cut two top teeth with two more top teeth on the way. She has been surprisingly cheerful through the teething process.

Amelia is a very sweet, easy going girl. She is cute as can be and makes us laugh daily. She loves her Mom and Dad and especially her animals. I am excited to continue to watch her grow and learn more and more. I can't get enough of my girl.

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10 Months old.

11 Months old. 

Her birthday party invitation! 

12 Months old!