Yesterday was my 26th birthday! I had such an amazing day thanks to my amazing, amazing husband and friends.

Kor made me scrambled eggs and toast. My favorite! 

I've been really wanting a boogie board. I love the hanging flowers so much!

Best card ever. 
Regina tickets!!!!! Kor knows me well. 

Amelia's gift to me was falling asleep on her own and taking a long nap :)


Amelia. Hadley. Kaia. 

Sweet Val made me cupcakes. 

Metcalf. Murphy. Hubbell. Love. 

The girls. 

So many lovely, thoughtful cards.


Figuring out Amelia

My sweet girl changes so much every day and it is hard to keep up! She was an amazing napper for the first two months, but lately the only place she wants to sleep is here:

Which is okay most of the time, but it does make cleaning, laundry, dishes hard to do! For a while she was totally okay to be swaddled like a caterpillar:

But then one day she decided she was way too cool for the swaddle. So after much trial and error we have found the perfect way to get her to nap. For a while at least.

Here is one upset baby girl. She despises her legs being trapped in any way.

So we unzip her sleeper and let those chunky legs free!

Wait a few minutes for my baby love to fall asleep. If the binki falls out of her mouth then you know she is in a deep sleep.

 Ever so gently put those legs back into sleeper and Voila!

Naps make everyone HAPPY!

The End.