Christmas in Utah!

Amelia and I went to Utah for three weeks! She was so good in the car, even with the two dogs in tow. We met up with Kory a week later in St. George for Dianne and Bryce's sealing and enjoyed the rest of the trip as a family. I love being near my family and i'm glad I got a lot of family time. Amelia is so loved and so spoiled! It sure showed on Christmas. We went to my favorite Christmas tradition to hear the children's choir at the Cathedral. Played a lot of games with family. Went snowboarding. Saw my dear, sweet Seattle friends Chelsea and the Singley's and ate at all my favorite Utah restaurants. No complaints! Also, Amelia hit a lot of milestones on this trip. She learned to babble  (Dec 15th) and finally crawled instead of worming. And lastly, she learned to stand herself in her crib! Go Millie!! Now for the million photos. 

Amelia got a lot of baths in Utah in attempt to make is easier to breath out of her nose :(

Amelia was so fascinated by Nona!

Amelia and my great Aunt Dorothy.

My poor girl was sick the entire trip. It was awful. 

On her 8 month bday. 

With Auntie Dianne outside the St, George temple after her sealing. Pretty girls. 

Looking so cute even when she was super sick. 

Kory's family tradition singing  "tip top".

My favorite gift!

Christmas Eve.

Amelia was so spoiled by Kory's family. She loves them very much. 

My favorite gift!!

Sledding on Christmas with my favorite boys. 

Christmas dinner with my awesome family!

Before I stupidly cut my hair. 

The only picture of my short hair looking nice. What was I thinking?!


Riding the frontrunner up to Salt Lake.

My cute lovies. 


Grandma with all her cute Grandkids.

The cutest picture ever taken. 

Amelia with her great Grandpa, Nono.

Riding Trax up to SLC with Meg and Brad!!

Happy 2013.

Xander on our long drive home!

Amelia got lucky and had Mom in the backseat the whole drive home.