My insides.

So I've been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy (thank you Netflix) and although I have always known I wanted to be an organ donor, watching this silly show just validates it even more. Also, I have known a few people who have been saved by organ donations. I don't really understand why people don't want to donate their organs. 
So if I happen to die before I ever get around to writing a formal will, this is it world. I want to donate everything I can. Even my skin. 

That is all. Seacrest out. 


Bainbridge Island day o' fun!

Our sweet friends, the Singleys, so kindly invited us to go to Bainbridge island with them today. The sky was clear and blue which is pretty rare around these parts. To get to the island you have to take a ferry. We were so excited because it was our first time! Bainbridge is such a quaint little place and I enjoyed every second of it. The only photos I took were on the very windy ride over. Maybe one day I will have a real camera with flash. 

Thanks so much Singley family. We love you!



Today I spent $52 for Kingsley to get groomed. That is the cheapest price around too. He gets groomed about every 3 months. That is over $200 a year. Both Kory and I combined probably spend around $75 a year for our hair. Such a charmed life my dogs live. 

Kings sporting his new do. He is so unbelievably cute I could cry. 



I went to Utah again! Are you surprised? I can't get enough.
I had an amazing, fun-filled trip. I have the best family and friends. 

There was....

A surprise (me) for a very, new eight year old.

A Chinese New Year party.

A Classic Skating birthday party.

A baptism.

A birthday party for a very spoiled four-year-old.

A Michael Jackson Dance party.

A day at the slopes.

A very silly family dinner.

There were so many other people and things not pictured, but I really am so blessed to have all the amazing people in my life. A very special thank you to Cindy for the buddy pass.



When Addi came to visit me a month ago she really wanted to make a purse. We started one, but then my sewing machine went on the fritz. So it really wasn't a well made purse. Her mom told me she still wears that pitiful little purse around everywhere. So I decided for her birthday I would make her a nicer one. It was super easy and fun! Course' I had to add my signature doily :)