What's cheaper and easier than...

a hooker? This dinner I made tonight! I am all about cheap and easy dinners, so I thought I would share with the class. I got the gnocchi's and sauce at World Market. (There are a few around Utah, too) You could even use Ragu or something to make it even cheaper! I spent a little over $8.00. It was quite scrumptious.


What happens when...

We go to the Humane Society. We talked about getting a cat, but kind of went back and forth if we should or not. We went to the shelter a few times, but didn't connect with any cats. On a whim I suggested we go today, even just to play with the cats. She was in the last room we looked at and was sleeping in the corner. Kory approached her first and she just took to him really well. She was purring and rubbing her head all over him. His heart belonged to her :) I am so glad Kory isn't one of those iamtoomachoandmanlytoeveradmitilikeacat guy. We both love, love, love animals and have a lot of love to give. I am so glad we found her.

Meet LECHE DE HUBBELL. Our new, baby girl. She is six months old. We don't know too much about her past, but we know she came from an animal hoarder of some sort. She has one green eye and one blue eye. She is very affectionate and we love her to pieces already. So do the dogs. Kor recorded the first meeting. They have since decided they can be friends.

 Leche means milk in Spanish. Milk is white. Do you get it? You don't? You're so dumb...


Oozing with sap.

Here are 5 reasons why I love my Kory. (Of course there are more) 
(In no particular order)

#5 He is a wonderful cook and makes me dinner more than I make him dinner.

#4 He is a part-time model.

#3 He is an amazing artist. These are a few of my favorites. Want more of this goodness? Click Here. 

#2  Not only is he a talented artist, but an awesome musician. Don't believe me? Have you a listen. http://stash.alonetone.com/mp3/31478/Slowly.mp3

( He and his friends compiled this song)

#1 He is a dynamite kisser. 

You are my best friend Kory Lynn Hubbell. 


Never too old.

We had such a fun night with the Welch's! First we went to an Ethiopian restaurant that was SCRUMPTIOUS. Then we decided we needed some Krispy Kreme donuts. Also scrumptious. I am not exactly sure how or who came up with the next idea, but I love that four 24+ adults eagerly agreed to play Sardines inside Target! Basically one person found somewhere to hide and sent a picture message to the rest of us. Last one there was the next to hide. We had a ton of fun. 

 Here are the photos from tonight.  

No, this was NOT in the shoe section.


Bringing back the 80's.

So a while ago I thought to myself,   "Sharon, how could you possibly become more lazy when it comes to your appearance than you already are..." My answer to my lazy self..... A PERM! Now I don't even have to brush my hair. BONUS!

Rachel Zoe I guess you could say was my inspiration. Except I eat food; a lot of it. So just a hair-inspirer. 

Took about 15 seconds for this bodacious look. 

Tried a little hair style. But mostly Lila is just the cutest.


Cute Over-Load!

Check out this CUTE blog, and not just because she took pictures of my nephews. 

Thanks Lizzy!


No Boys Allowed.

Summer, Jun and Myself had a ladies night last night. We made a Valentines craft/decoration and gave each other facials. Summer prepared the facials with avocado,honey,olive oil and coffee. Who knew!! It was a lot of fun. I sure love these ladies.

I love how they turned out! Jun is craft-queen! Summer..well..she is more of a watcher :)


Easily Amused.

Kor got a new, fancy phone, which I think I like better than my ifail, and it has some pretty fun camera effects. This is what happens when Summer and Sharon discover said effects. 

Chris and Kory are such lucky husbands :)

(Blogger would not let me rotate the last few....)