My Craft Itch...

is officially scratched. I haven't really crafted too much since sweet Mila was born. I finally dusted off the sewing machine and sewed my heart out. It felt wonderful. I will make sure not to neglect my poor machine like that again.

I bought this amazing high chair in Washington at a garage sale for $25. I am not even sure I pregnant when I bought it, but I knew I had to have it. It just needed a soft cushion and some safety straps. Easy easy.

I have so many random craft supplies, so I decided to make some Christmas flowers and bands. I may have gone a little overboard.... But if you were curious my favorite one is the black riffraff flower. I love me some riffraff.

November so far!

Kory's Mom, Laila, came to visit us last weekend. It was so nice to have her. Amelia loves her and got really spoiled by Grandma. 

Amelia had her 6.5 month appointment. She is still 18lbs, which she was at her 4 month appointment, but she did get taller! She was a champ getting her shots. She also started scooting around and cut a tooth yesterday. She is just learning and growing so quickly. She is just perfect.

And here are some links to some cute Amelia videos :)

Amelia records her first movie.

Amelia mimicks.

Amelia Scoots. 


Seattle & Halloween.

I flew to Seattle on Oct. 24-30. That made it Amelia's sixth flight. She is professional at this point.She does really well flying, and we were lucky to not be seated next to anyone so she played with her toys in her own seat! As you all know by now, I love Seattle. I have amazing friends and my Dad all within a mile of each other. Halloween is my favorite holiday and also my friend Chelsea's. We threw our second pretty kick-A party. I wonder how we will top it next year! Also, it's 1am, so my blogging is getting increasingly lazier. My apologies.

Big girl on the plane!

She loved looking out the window. 


Loving the new turban Lauren made her. 

Mmmm, Sophie. 

My besties!!!

At the ward Halloween party.

My amazing friends. 

The fab4

Cutest girls ever!

Farewell Fondu. 

My froggy girl on actual Halloween. 

Kor shaved his head all in the name of being Homer Simpson!

My reptile loves. 

Aunties Visit!

A few days after my Mom left my sisters, nephews and brother in law came to visit. How spoiled am I? We had so much fun! I love my family so much and it is hard to be away from them, so it was nice to have them. 

Cutest cousins.

My favorite photo ever. She loves her Cohen.  
First carousel ride. 

The great park in Irvine. 

The boys loooooooooooved Leche.

Maybe a little too much...

Sweet Holden at the beach. 

Snuggles with Auntie Kirsten. 

Downtown Disney. 

Auntie Dianne is so lucky. 

My amazing sisters!

Wearing the overalls Auntie Dianne gave her. 

She wasn't feeling super great. 

Saying bye to Auntie :(

Her first cold = sleeping my my arms :) :) :)

My precious, newest nephew Drake. Born 10-25-12. Can't wait to snuggle him.