When two become one.

Growing your eyebrows out to get waxed....sucks. The urge to tweez is strong, but I must resist. Wednesday, you cannot come fast enough. Until then, feel free to pretend you haven't noticed.


Half way there.

140 days to go. And it could not come quicker. We are so excited to meet our baby girl who we lovingly call lady baby! I'll rewind 20 weeks back to August 13. My Mom and sister had just left from spending the week with me. I felt like a terrible hostess because I was so tired and I didn't know why. The thought of me being pregnant didn't cross my mind at all because we tried for a long time before, but were unsuccessful. I totally had symptoms, but I ignored them. A few of my friends kindly pressured me into just taking a test. I waited a day or so then finally did. The first one came back positive. I thought it was a fluke because I got it at the dollar store. I took four more and even bought an expensive one just to make sure. All positive. I immediately called Kory and asked him to come home from work early. When he got home he sat next to me on the couch and we talked about his day. I was still in total denial. I had laid all of the tests on our sink in the bathroom and finally asked Kor to get me something out of the bathroom. He said, " Shar... what are these?" and he came out of the bathroom and I was just smiling. He started to cry and we sat and cried together for a while. It really was the most amazing moment.

I had morning/evening sickness up until about 18.5 weeks. But nothing too bad. I pee a lot. I sleep a lot. I eat a lot. I really don't crave anything. Actually food all sounds and smells gross to me. For the first trimester I was a giant lazy blob. Luckily I have mostly left that stage. On November 22 we found out we were having a girl. I really wanted a girl all along and Kory says he was indifferent. It was so fun to tell my family since this is the first girl on my side and the first grand kid on Kory's side! We did a small gender reveal party with our close friends and Kor thought the below photo was the best way to tell them.

I have already enjoyed buying clothes for my lady baby. I am trying not to go too crazy. I have concluded girl names are much harder for us. We had some awesome boy names picked out, but we are stumped on the perfect name for lady baby. Luckily we have a few months to decide. I feel like my belly is huge and I wonder how it can get bigger. I really have surrendered to my sweat pants and I am not ashamed. Here I am at 20 weeks.

So there you go. The lady baby story!


Gloom to Va Va Voom

Winter is here and that means we see a whole lot of gray outside. I miss the beautiful, bright colors of summer time. Then I noticed that our room is pretty gloomy also. Not okay. So I went shopping! I was so happy to find our new comforter. The colors and pattern are awesome. But the matching pillowcases were outrageously expensive. And you all know I am way too cheap for that so I decided to buy some fabric and make some. I am so happy with the outcome and it really puts a smile on my face. Thanks for all your help Jana!

Now I want to change the curtains, headboard and decorations. Ha ha. Vicious cycle.


I hope to see you soon.

With my ever expanding belly and the need for space in our second bedroom, it has become necessary to box most of my clothes up. It was bitter sweet. It is pretty depressing packing up my clothes that I love, but it is for a pretty good cause if you ask me! So hopefully it won't be too long until I get to unpack the bins and fit into them again.


Would you look at that.

If you know me, you know that I do not enjoy cooking. Which means I never cook. I do feel like a terrible wife, although Kory loves, loves, loves to eat out and really doesn't seem to mind. Every once in a while I get an urge to cook. Honestly, I think the reason why I don't cook more often for the both of us is a scheduling thing. Kor is really busy after work with band, his church calling, and the free lance stuff he does. I don't love eating super late at night, and that is usually when Kor has time to eat. Anyway, long story short is I cooked. Nothing too extravagant. But it was scrumptious and Kor and I both ate until we were ill. The bread bowl was equally as tasty as the soup. I heart carbs.

I of course found the recipe on pinterest! And made it vegetarian friendly.


Halloween twenty-eleven.

Blogger is being LAME. So there will be no photo captions. We started Halloween by going to Kor's Halloween show in Seattle at club Fuel. I love watching drunk people make fools of themselves, so it was a good time. The next day we had a Kick-A Halloween party at my friend Chelsea's house. Lauren, Chelsea and myself hosted it and I think it was a huge success. I love Halloween!!


Newest Addition to the Hubbell Family.

 They are so beautiful and I have been waiting a looooooong time for these babies to join our family. I love them so much already. I promise to take good care of them and love and nourish them for ever and ever. 



A few months ago my friends and I bought a Groupon for a Zumba class. I was very nervous because I had never done Zumba before, or anything like it. I am a soccer player, not a dancer. BUT it turns out I LOOOOVE Zumba. It is the highlight of my week. I really owe it all to my awesome instructor, Linda. She comes up with the best Zumba moves and equally awesome music. She always has a smile on her face and has such a sweet spirit. If you have never tried Zumba, I encourage you try something new!

Meg, Lauren, Linda, Jana, and Shar. 



Yesterday I went blueberry picking with my friends. It was actually a ton of fun. Jeff and Lauren took us to their secret spot. I cannot believe how many berries we got in only an hour. I also think I ate my weight in berries. They were so juicy and sweet. I can't wait to make smoothies and muffins with my fresh berries. 

Not exactly a path...

The kids had fun! Lily wanted to stay and pick more. 


Full House.

My Mom, Sister and Nephews came to visit me! I had a blast while they were here and sobbed like a baby when they left. My little Brother and Sisters also left with them, so it was twice as sad. I had such a fun summer with them and I never thought I would miss them as much as I do. Here a ton of photos from our fun-filled week!

Coulon Beach park. 


Sleepover at my house!

Gasworks Park. 

The Troll!

Todd's bday party at the splash park. 

Uncle Kory and Cohen play super smash brothers!

Newcastle Beach park.

Alki Beach.

Pikes Place Market. 

Gum wall. 

Pacific Science Center- Butterfly room. 

Our favorite- Shadow Wall.

Space Needle. 

Water Ball of Fury.