January in photos!

January was a nice, relaxing month for the Hubbells. Amelia continues to learn and grow and make us smile daily! She gained a few ounces to make her weigh exactly 19lbs. She must have an amazing metabolism because the girl can eat. Kory works so hard for us every single day. We sure love and appreciate all he does for us.

Cashing her first paycheck! 

She loves the car Kor and I got her for Christmas!

Also loves the magnets Grandma Monica gave her!

Smiling at everyone at Costco. 

Ha ha ha. Not sure.

Play date with Penny!

This never happens. I was so happy. 

This happens daily. 

Cutest pig tails EVER!

Just a bunch of Beagle lovers!

On her 9 month bday. 


Her "bear bear". She loves this thing. 



Swimming with our pals Hattie and Riley!

At her 9 month checkup and CRAZY me in the background. 

She loves her toothbrush.

Playing at the mall. 

Reading her tickle book with Papa. 

I can't get enough of this girls smiles!


  1. I don't know if I'd call January relaxing, but I definitely think she's the best thing this planet has to offer. Great post Shar :)

  2. Stop it Mila you're just so cute!!!